Ticket Sale and Reservation System

There are separate interfaces for the agencies and the customer for sale and purchase of passenger/vehicle/freight tickets.

If it is available in the module, reservation can first be made and the ticket can be sold later on.

Check-in and Boarding

Check-in and Boarding boarding operations are done using the system.

Passengers with tickets for the trip can be filtered by their check-in/boarding statuses and; the lists for certain categories for any particular moment can be accessed.

All documents that must be given to the customs checkpoints at the ports can be created automatically by using the system.


User/agency/agency type based authorizations are required for different operations of the system.

Use of any particular module of the software is not allowed unless it has been activated.

Debt limits can be assigned to the agencies and; payment and ticket types can be restricted/disallowed.

Customizations to enable appearance or disappearance of certain trips on the screen for certain agencies and/or the visual interfaces for certain transactions is allowed.

Support for Ministry of Finance Certified Tickets

Support for Ministry of Finance certified tickets is available on the system.

All physical tickets can be followed up and reported, and the necessary documents can be created by using the system.

Departure Taxes

Departure taxes can be defined to the system for passenger types.

Full control is allowed to ensure that the passengers who has not paid the tax cannot check-in.

Tax privileges can be implemented and the tax may not be collected during the sale of the ticket, depending on the home country of the Agency; in which case it can be collected later on by the port agency during check-in.

Cancellation Penalties

The cancellation penalty rules of the company can be defined to the system.

Time based rated can be defined, in which case cancellation without withholding the penalty that is imposed will be disallowed.

Flexible Pricing

Pricing lists can be generated for different routes/vessels/trips.

Number of allowed promotion tickets can be defined for different passenger types.

When a higher priced trip is deselected and instead a higher priced trip selected, the system will automatically calculate the price difference and warn the user.

Club Card

Special discount cards can be defined for any personnel or customer, and thus discounts at the defined ratios can be made.

The company can, if it wants to, start to implement a bonus ticket program.


Statistical information on the number of passengers carried, total figures regarding each trip, and on agency data as of any given moment can be accessed.


All transactions like ticket/service sales, tax collections, cancellations and cancellation penalties/commissions, commission refunds will be recorded in the current account of the person who effects such transaction.

Current account records are entered according to the method that is selected and to the rules that pertain to the interface which is used to effect the transaction.

Back Office

The amounts due to and owed by the agencies will be followed up by using the system.

End of the month reports can be created, and the trial balance for any time bracket can be obtained.